Our Approach

The trend we follow to realize you the power of your Money!!

S uggesting or Advising a Property might sound so Clichéd but we do our own research (Research team comprise of professions and stalwarts of Real Estate industry) before suggesting a Property/Project, so much so that our recommendation gets our customer a guaranteed appreciation.

Our Confidence when suggesting or advising a particular project or property comes from the 5 Step model that  we  follow:

  • Evaluation of the “Basic Principle of Economics (Demand – Supply Principle)” in the Area of the Project (By the developer) for determining the potential of Capital & Lease Value Appreciation.
  • Existing Infrastructure Evaluation & Correlating it with the no. of projects being created to gauge if the Infrastructure available is robust enough or not.
  • Scope of Development in the Area (Cross checking with the Master Plan available) & Govt Development projects if any.
  • Past Track Record of the Developer(Timely Delivery of previous projects, construction quality, complaints if any of the residents against the builder of the delivered projects, Market Reputation) & Evaluation of Financial Capability of the Developer to deliver/handover the Project in time for new developers.
  • Doing a Comparative analysis on how the project is different in comparison to others available i.e. Identifying the USP.
Our Approach