Core Competencies of the Organisation are a part of the name of the organisation too (3i in the name “i3i” indicates investments with Intelligence, Insight & Integrity).



T he investments in Real Estate are really capable of giving high returns to investors provided a proper need based analysis, in understanding the needs to the customer is done and then giving the solutions accordingly. The approach of doing need based Analysis (getting an INSIGHT OF WHATS REQUIRED BY THE CUSTOMER) also applies to the person who wants to make an investment but for end use, but often they are led to follow the UN researched/irrational advices.

Hence these Customers end up shattering their dreams of having a Comforting Sweet Home as per their needs. Since most of the times, the Customers don’t have time and expertise to get into the depth of doing this need based analysis, they need Real Estate Consultants who can help them formulate this.

Our Research Team (Comprising of CA’s, Engineers, MBA’s, Professors, Researchers, Business Analysts, Lawyers & Marketing Professionals) use the Required INTELLIGENCE for drafting a Suitable Research Based Solution/Advisory Options which are in absolute sync to the needs of the clients, thus helping them in shortening their Decision making process.

Losing time in such a Dynamic industry can, at times, also mean loss of opportunity or loss of Revenue thus INTELLIGENCE of these professionals come handy for the clients. Each Advice to the client is approved by the Research Team, only then can it reach the Client and sufficient check mechanisms are in place to see if the processes are being adhered to.

INTEGRITY is not just a Core Competency of the Organization but a Value that each person involved with the organization adheres to. INTEGRITY being our Value, we follow the approach of Being Absolutely Transparent in all the Transactions & “No Trapping of your Money for our Gains”